POOL trade show Feb.2010

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Back from Vegas!  It was such a great show and the energy there is so refreshing.   Since I did not go at all in 2009 it was nice to get back in the mix.  Kimberly, Kjurek Couture, and I shared a booth to cut costs and it was well worth it.  Our new fall collections complemented each others perfectly and we even had some free time to meet up with our sales reps.  We got some great feedback on our collections and there are potentially a few great things that could happen in the near future, I don’t want to mention any store names yet.  Thank you Ashley for all your love and support at the show and I hope to see everyone again in August previewing my up and coming Spring 2011 collection!

Our shared booth space, lucky #408.

Down the mail hallway were brands such as Jeffery Campbell and American Apparel.

(see my manequin on right) The Cash and Carry section had some great finds that you could purchase on the spot.

I’m hoping for a corner booth for August so cross your fingers!



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